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Whose Responsibility Is Your Job Satisfaction?

Millennials can teach us a lot when it comes to finding our career path. Last year, a Gallup report on the millennial generation revealed that 21 percent of millennials say they've changed jobs within the past year, which is more than three times the number of non-millennials who report the same.

Millennial turnover cost the US economy $30.5 billion annually. Are millennials job-hoppers for good cause or do they give up too quickly?

Gallup pointed to low engagement in the workplace as the reason for millennial job-hopping. Only 28 percent of millennials were engaged at work, in other words, only about three in ten are emotionally and behaviorally connected to their job and company.

Take it from a baby boomer who didn't know quitting was an option, it's hard to stay in a job you love when the company is not providing any measurable engagement strategies to keep you there.

But if the problem is your own lack of emotional and behavioral connection to your job or company, that is a different issue altogether and a major roadblock to finding your best career path.

Let's be honest, job satisfaction is a shared responsibility - - not all you, not all them. There are multiple components that contribute to job satisfaction.

Use this checklist to identify what areas you do and don't control, and how you can improve your current job satisfaction:

> Engagement

> Vibe with co-workers

> Growth opportunity

> Personality fit

> Work/life balance

> Motivation

> Recognition

> Respect

> Transparency

> Communication

> Fair compensation/benefits

> Praise

> Environment

A career path develops over time, just as you do, unlike a stringent career plan. When you find your right work, at the right time for you, you will know it and will be solidly on your career path.

Don't settle for less. You deserve it.

For more career tips follow me on LinkedIn at Barbara Fulmer, or on my website at . And if you want to go 'buy the book', click here for Ditch Your Career Plan,

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