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Parents: Why is Your GenZ Not Getting Hired?

Intelligent, an online magazine focused on student life, commissioned a Pollfish survey of 800 managers, directors, and executives involved in hiring in the US in December.


Thirty-nine percent of the employers who responded said they prefer to hire older job seekers over recent college graduates. 


Why? Because the employers found that:


👎 Overall, young professionals don't make a good first impression in job interviews

👎 More than half of young recruits struggled to make eye contact during the interview

👎 50% said they asked for unreasonable compensation

👎 Half of the employers said a young job candidate showed up in inappropriate attire

👎 20% of employers said a recent college grad had brought a parent to a job interview


WAIT! WHAT? Mommy or Daddy came with a twenty-something to an interview? That’s not helping your young adult, that is enabling their fear and insecurity.


There is nothing on this list that cannot be taught. The gap in a job-seeking Gen Z's education has nothing to do with how much you spent, or didn’t spend, on their college education. The gap is they are not clear on what their true career path is and have no interviewing skills.


Most Gen Zs are doing their own job search and no one has helped them with the skills they need to find their career path. That's where their career coach comes in. Once their path is clearer, it's followed by informational interviews in their chosen field that can provide valuable interview feedback. This builds confidence to have great job interviews and make an amazing first impression. 


This is why many Gen Zs have moved back in with parents and living on gummies. They are terrified! In their gut they know they don't know how to interview.


Help them now by investing in a career coach. We are not their parent. They need a voice that has experience, is skilled in career development, actively listens and holds them accountable. 

If you're a parent of a struggling Gen Z, before you accompany them to an interview, DM me for a complimentary 30 minute phone call to explore the benefits of 1:1 career coaching for you or your young adult child. 

For more career tips, find your answers in my book, Ditch Your Career Plan at . DM me for a complimentary 30 minute phone call to explore the benefits of 1:1 career

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