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Ditch Your Career Plan

An Uncommon Guide to Freedom,
Fulfillment, and Financial Success

Birth of the Book


Contact me today about my private, small group training sessions based

on my book.

I began this book before the world of work, not to mention the world in general,  became unstable and unpredictable. Today, it couldn't be more relevant. Once I realized my work was changing clients' lives as well as careers, I got to work.

I knew I needed to write a book about helping the 51% of Americans who are dissatisfied with their job to recognize why they're so unhappy, and show them how to get happy...whether in their current job or elsewhere.

I personally had ditched my own career plan years ago. I found the freedom that comes with finding my true place in the world of work. I'm now doing the work I was born to do, not told to do. And financial success was the ultimate reward. I've flourished in a career that encourages me to give back what I've learned and help others find their place in the world of work.

Having spent 25+ years helping others perform better, I found that many of

my clients would never increase their level of performance because they

were in a job that would never get better. 

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