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See Through The BS👓

To parents of young adults who are struggling in their job or career choice, hear them with love but see through their BS.

I see through their BS, so do their friends, their boss, and their co-workers.

Their fantasy story-telling about their situation, aka BS, can hide so many secrets, like:

✅ Fear of failure

✅ Fear of change

✅ Lack of confidence

✅ Education fatigue

✅ People pleasing

✅ Perfectionism

✅ Self-doubt

All of this manifests in unhealthy behavior and BS when asked how they are doing. We typically hear versions of this:

☑ I'll never get another job

☑ I'll never make more money

☑ I don't need more

☑ I can't quit

☑ There are no other jobs for me

☑ I'll never graduate

☑ I failed before, so ...

☑ 'They' are to blame

☑ I'm fine

Take the time to see through the discomfort they are feeling and if their story never seems to change, take action to help them.

✔ They want to succeed.

✔ They want you to be proud.

✔ They want to be happy.

But your child needs someone other than you to guide them on their career path. They need a career coach to hold them accountable, uncover and release them from denial, and find their own inner power to take action. Call me!

For career tips find answers in my book, Ditch Your Career Plan at . DM me for a complimentary 30 minute phone call to explore the benefits of 1:1 career coaching for you, your team or your young adult child.

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