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WAKE UP!!! Don't become a work zombie.

How do you know when you are no longer consciously aware in your world of work?

It's simple, you show up, do just enough and then it's finally Friday.

If you've stopped doing more than you're asked and no longer enjoy what you were hired to do...


This is the tipping point in your career development when nothing is developing. It's like making a cake but never putting it in the oven.

You may not be miserable but you sure aren't happy.

This is the time to assess the situation and ask yourself:

- Why am I still in this job?

- Can I make my experience better?

- Have I settled?

- Does this job serve me today?

- Do I need an exit plan?

- Where do I see myself in one, three or five years?

- What have I learned?

- What have I achieved since starting this job?

- When did I become a work zombie?

- What do I wish I was doing instead of this?

If you find yourself in a position to move on, take the time to complete a current self assessment like DiSC or Myers Briggs and get a clear understanding of who you are today. Identify your new knowledge and skills developed since starting your current job. You're not the same person today. Have family and friends weigh in on where they see your best fit in the world of work. They know you best.

If you feel you still have more to achieve where you are, you first need to recognize that your zombie behavior is not a secret. Your boss and co-workers have met your zombie.

Your job now is to keep your zombie at bay by staying consciously aware of your contributions, seek new opportunities and projects internally, and communicate your desire to be more involved. Let your actions show your willingness to do better.

Stay alert to when you reach maximum impact in your current role and move along before your zombie awakens again. Be aware of your personal tipping point.

You've got this!

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