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What is blocking your path?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Life presents us with obstacles in our path every day.

Because my work is focused on underperformers, all my obstacles seem to be underperformers.

I can't go to the grocery store or see a movie without running into an underperformer. I'm reminded daily of the negative impact underperformers have in the workplace.

They are my teachers, just as your underperforming employees are your teacher. They remind us to consider the possibility that they:

- have not been properly trained

- are in the wrong job

- have a heavy personal burden we are not aware of

- do not feel compensated fairly

- may just need to take a personal day

- paralyzed with fear at the thought of change

- don't know how to ask for help

- have given up

All of these are possibilities that as supervisors and managers need to be recognized.

As customers faced with an underperformer who is making our shopping experience less than fun, we have fewer options. But nothing is stopping us from:

- wishing them a good day

- thanking them for helping us

- recognizing they may have a heavy burden to carry

- being kind

I used to think I had to fix every underperformer I met. My former husband used to call me MOW - Manager of the World. It was funny then but today I think I was just a self-absorbed bossy pants.

Obstacles are placed on our path for a reason. They ARE our path. Before you try to 'fix' the obstacle, look at it/them as your teacher.

Why are they on your path?

Why now?

What can you learn about yourself from this obstacle?

For more insights on underperformers check out my book Ditch Your Career Plan on Amazon.

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