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Sometimes you have to stop and see the rainbows!

I've worked from home since 2006. It took some adjusting. In the beginning, I would have to set an alarm to remind me to stand, go outside, eat, etc.

I solved that issue with the passage of time, a standup desk and new habits.

But I can still get lost in a project and forget to step outside, especially during these crazy California winds and rain lately.

Yesterday, I walked out my front door and saw this beautiful rainbow at the end of my street. What a sight to see!

For those of you who work from home, or in an office, take the time to go outside a couple times a day. Shake it off, smell the clean air and just feel the cold or warmth where you are. You could get a big surprise like I did.

Give yourself a break and find the balance, or a rainbow!

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