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Something's coming, something good!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

These lyrics from Stephen Sondheim, the incredible composer of West Side Story, are a declaration of optimism.

If you are working in a job and feel no optimism for the future, it’s time for some self exploration.

Consider what you can control and what you cannot.

Own your part and define what is causing your ‘glass half full’ outlook.

Ask your friends and family why they think you are dissatisfied. They have a front row seat to your discontent.

Consider if the source of your lack of fulfillment is:

✅ lack of support

✅ you’re overwhelmed

✅ you need more training

✅ you’ve outgrown this position

✅ a bad boss

✅ an unhealthy culture

✅ no opportunity for advancement

✅ lost your motivation

Regardless of the reason, it is up to you to find the solution.

You’re not alone in this process. There are plenty of people and opportunities right here on LinkedIn to support you and your next steps.

Coaches, mentors, seminars, etc. use the tools you have and find your way back to optimism!

And don’t forget… Something’s coming, something good!

Click here for my new book Ditch Your Career Plan 👉🏼

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