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Prepare for the unexpected!

If you are following a career PLAN that is unsatisfying, it's time to shift that linear and often stringent plan to a career PATH.

Career paths develop over time, like you. As your skill and knowledge develop your career path will present you with opportunities that fit you today, not 20 years ago when you created your perfect PLAN.

Most career plans are decided when we are too young to make lifetime decisions. Yet here you are, and not so satisfied, in the same job you chose 10, 15, 20+ years ago.

When you follow a career path, your career becomes an organic process. Opportunities present themselves when you are ready. With a single dimension career plan, you aren't even open to new opportunities because 'you have your plan'.

Over 50% of Americans are dissatisfied in their job.

Life is too short to be miserable 8-12 hours a day.

My advice is to:

- complete a current Myers Briggs or DiSC self assessment and get a better idea of where you fit in the world of work TODAY

- Have trusted family and friends review your results and give you honest feedback

- Ask friends and family you trust what they feel your next career move should be - they know you best!

- Explore jobs outside your comfort zone

- Make a list of five different jobs or roles you've always wanted to know more about

- Schedule a few informational interviews with people who either have the job you would like or work in an industry that you wish to work in

- If you wish to continue with your same company but in a different role, make a list of five opportunities that would advance your career and be a better fit

Don't let fear get in the way of progress.

As I teach in my new book, Ditch Your Career Plan, there are career archetypes like, The Seeker, who wants to make progress but needs courage. Become The Seeker and find your true career path by making progress and having the courage to let go of your fear.

Stay awake and alert and expect the unexpected in your career and your perfect path will find you.

Don't be a career zombie!

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