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Jobs & Sobs

That is one of the titles I considered for my book. I had interviewed so many people who were unhappy in their jobs, it seemed fitting.

In my research, I also talked to a lot of parents whose young adult children were struggling with their job or education choices. And the parents were struggling just watching their kids struggle.

The world of work should be joyful! Our career should bring us joy, and in return we should bring our natural state of joy to our jobs.

So, where does it go wrong?

☑ Poor choices

☑ Rushed decisions

☑ Peer influence

☑ Parent influence

☑ Financial urgency

☑ People pleasing

☑ Fear of change

☑ Low self-worth

☑ Low self-confidence

☑ Comfortable vs fulfilled

If your young adult child is stuck in any of these career issues, it's time to call for help and support your child in finding their natural state of joy.

If you need your pipes cleaned out you call a plumber. If you need your taxes done you call an accountant. If you need to find direction and fulfillment in your career you call a career coach.

No more Jobs and Sobs!

Stop watching your young adult child struggle and commit to help them find their inner career joy. Everyone they know will thank you.

For more career tips find your answers in my book, Ditch Your Career Plan at . DM me for a complimentary 30 minute phone call to explore the benefits of 1:1 career coaching for you, your team or your young adult child

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