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It's not a race to the finish line.

It's the one time that all you have to do is keep moving and you win.

It's your career.

What's the hurry, as long as you are making progress you are a winner. You set the speed.

A healthy, successful career path develops over time, just as we do. Your job is to stay in 'explorer' mode and be alert to new opportunities where you are, or beyond your current world of work.

Moving forward doesn't necessarily mean moving out. It could mean moving up. Sometimes career progress means you actually move back and then across to eventually move up. Whatever works for you to continue forward motion.

In the seventeenth century Sir Isaac Newton taught us that, "An object at rest, stays at rest and an object in motion, stays in motion."

When we quit learning and growing, our career is at rest and will stay at rest until we introduce forward motion back into our career.

Comfortable is not a career path.

Being aware of your opportunities for forward motion toward being Your Best You, is a career path.

Speed doesn't matter, forward is forward.

Keep moving!

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