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I've had many 'first' jobs.

My first babysitting job, first part-time job, first job as a receptionist, first sales job, first job in corporate training, first full-time job as a public speaker, first job working for a Fortune 100, first job managing others, first job I hated, first job I loved, first job as a cocktail waitress, first job as an independent consultant, first job experiencing sexual harassment, first job where I found my voice, first job where I was laid off, first job I regret not leaving sooner, and many more firsts.

None of these were my last job, they were just stops along a constantly changing and developing career path. A path that developed over time just as we do.

Linear career 'plans' tend to lock us into a long term commitment that literally stunts our growth. I am who I am and enjoyed a fantastic career journey because of the many twists and turns of my career, not in spite of them.

If you work for a company where there are opportunities to move around and become an explorer of your own career, Go For It Now!

If you know in your heart you have stayed too long where you are and need a fresh new start, Go For It Now!

If you are on the fence and still find satisfaction in your current work but feel you are not growing in your career, talk to your boss. Communicate. If they don't understand, or do not have any fresh ideas to keep you on their team it is time to move along. Go For It Now!

Over 50% of Americans are dissatisfied with their job. Going through a phase of dissatisfaction is one thing. But if you are dissatisfied daily, move along. You deserve better and it is waiting for you. Go For It Now!

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