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I'm Quirky. I'm flawed.

I’m sure not perfect🤷🏻‍♀️

But I’m 100% ME. And I show up as me because I am also a talented, gifted, intelligent, skilled, smart, experienced human ME!

Not an imposter.

You be you. Be vulnerable. Be wise. Contribute the true you not who you think you should be.

Be the truest you and let people experience your magic. 🤗

Be you with all your flaws and accept feedback so you can become the best you. 🤩

Pretending is an empty world and totally transparent.

Fill your world with the best of you and all your flaws and watch what happens!😍

For more inspiration and career tips follow me here 👉🏼Barbara Fulmer 👈🏼, visit my website at, or find your right work in my book Ditch Your Career Plan at

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