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I have a crush on Marcus Buckingham

Ever since I read an article of his in Harvard Business Review entitled "Designing Work That People Love", I've been intellectually crushing on him. He has a good job, which helps, as head of people and performance research at ADPRI. And he speaks my language when it comes to the world of work.

So, I stole the HBR magazine from my doctor's office and I Googled him, as I do all my future ex-husbands. I digress.

Do yourself and your employees a favor and read this article. I've included a link

Marcus concludes from his ADPRI 50,000 person survey of working populations around the world that "creating a place where all people can find love in their work means incorporating three principles in everything your business does:

- The people are the point

- One size fits one

- In trust we grow

(the details of each of these are in the article)

His overall philosophy for this article is "To attract and retain the best people, we must redesign jobs around a simple but powerful concept: love for the content of the work itself".

Do yourself and your business a favor and read this article or one of his many books on the subject of doing the work you love.

I will go on crushing on Marcus because I just can't get enough of him... for my work, obviously.

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