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Have You Become A Zombie?

I'm amused and saddened when I hear the phrase TGIF and see others' relief that it is finally Friday.

Was this week that bad? Are you that unhappy doing the work you do? Have you waited all week for it to be over?

For those who work Monday through Friday, what if your boss greets you on Monday mornings with a text that simply said TGIM?

Yes, expectedly, another Monday has arrived right on schedule, and we are going to make this week count!

If positivity annoys you, move along. It's unhealthy to invest your time and energy five out of seven days a week biding your time and waiting for Friday.

Our culture has taught us that living through it is better than living in it. Living for Friday is not living; it's going through the motions.

The employee who feels good about Monday is aware of their role, responsibilities, contribution and impact they make every day.

They are also keenly aware of their personal and career growth. Their intentions are followed by meaningful actions. They have finely tuned intuition to know when it's time to stay or go, advance their position or explore new opportunities.

It doesn't matter if you had a plan for your career when you started in the world of work, or if you didn't. What matters is where you are today.

What actions are you taking today that will support you in your current position or advance you to the next one?

Awareness is a state of being conscious of something. Being conscious of your work means caring enough about what you are doing to give it your full attention.

Awareness will keep you from becoming a work zombie and alienating your co-workers.

When Friday comes, will you feel:

a) relief the week is finally over, or

b) personal satisfaction for what you have accomplished?

You deserve the freedom, fulfillment and financial success from finding the right work at the right time for you!

If you are struggling with your career, DM me if you are ready to take action.

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