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Attract Your Beliefs

Believe in yourself.

During my first sales training class as a new sales person for Liberty Mutual, I realized that I didn't want to sell, I wanted to train people to sell.

I sat in that classroom and I could not escape the desire to be the trainer instead of the student. After all, he was the one doing the talking. My favorite sport.

I also believed in my gut I would be a good trainer and teacher, but not until I mastered the skill and knowledge I wanted so badly to teach.

I didn't know when that would happen but I BELIEVED it would happen and that I was born to teach in a corporate environment. And when the time was right, I saw a job posting for a Sales Training Director at a division of United Healthcare. Done and done!

I built a lifetime career on nothing more than a feeling I should be the trainer.

My advice to you is to stay alert in your world of work and your life. Don't miss the signals that are tapping you on the shoulder and telling you "It's time", or "That's it, that's what you should be doing".

From a career path viewpoint, my belief in myself and where I can do the most good helped me find the right work at the right time for me. For 40 years.

Don't be afraid to ditch your career plan for something you believe is a better fit for you. You literally attract what you believe. Get started!

For inspiration, coaching and career tips follow me on LInkedIn at Barbara Fulmer or visit my website at , or find your right work at the right time in my book Ditch Your Career Plan at

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