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Are You The Critic Or The Man Who Dares Greatly?

The Man in the Arena is a famous passage from a speech given by Theodore Roosevelt.

It's about standing strong when tested.

When I feel tested I go back to this passage and remind myself that:

>I am the one in the arena

>I am the one stepping out of my comfort zone

>I am the one taking chances

>I am the one facing my fears

>I am the one being vulnerable

>I am the one willing to try something new

>I am the one following my purpose and passion

>I am the one that falls and gets back up to try again

>I am the one daring greatly

Not YOU, the critic.

>It's easy to do nothing.

>It's easy to criticize.

>It's easy to find fault.

>It's easy to point out how you could have done better.

>It's easy to never change

But it's not the critic who counts. It's the doer of deeds. It's the one brave enough to go into the arena and get dirty, fail and fall but at least fails daring greatly.

It's your choice, but c'mon, is there really a choice?

If you are hesitating, do yourself a favor and get Brene Browns' book, Daring Greatly. It's a game changer.

Happy Tuesday, and ignore the critics unless they are in the arena with you!

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