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Are You An Active Job Seeker?

Even if you are a closet job seeker, I hope the very next thing you do is find a big mirror.

Don't be creeped out, but stare into your eyes - not your outfit, not your hair or teeth - your eyes. Stare into your eyes for at least one uncomfortable minute and then, keep staring, and ask yourself:


What would that look like?

Who would I be?

How would that feel?

What would I be doing?

Where would I be?

Who would I work with?

What would I talk about?

Why have I resisted this in the past?

What do my friends think I should be doing?

How would I use what I've learned?

What do I need to learn that's new?

You know you can be anything you want, right? Right?

One of my favorite authors, Gary Zukav, wrote that "true passion is when your personality is in full service of your soul".

That's one of the most important tasks as a job seeker. Finding your personality's career path, not the one your parents chose, or you decided on when you were still a teenager, or the one you are stuck in. And if you don't have the skill, knowledge and experience YET, that should become the focus of your job search.

This is why profiles like DISC and Meyers Briggs are so successful. They identify your personality and communication style. These profiles help you know who you are and identify your natural strengths and limitations and how and who you work well with.

You can be anything! But it is much more fun when you love what you are doing and your 'anything' is in direct alignment with your personality.

Be yourself. That's who is going to get the job, so it might as well be you.

For inspiration, coaching and career tips follow me here at Barbara Fulmer or visit my website at, or find your right work at the right time in my book Ditch Your Career Plan at

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