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Are You A Good Communicator?

And more importantly, are you a good receiver of communication?

In the world of work, and in life, it is so easy to let your internal stories and emotions incorrectly translate what others communicate to you.

Your boss says, "I didn't understand the last page of your report".

You heard, "You don't know what you're doing and made a hot mess of this report".

If this happens occasionally, you're human.

If this is how you translate all incoming work conversations, it is time to take action and the first step is self-awareness.

> what is causing this insecurity about your work?

> do you need additional training?

> are you afraid to ask for what you need from your boss?

> do you have supportive co-workers to help you?

> do your friends/family feel your job is a good fit?

> is this the right work at the right time for you?

Career fulfillment and success come with time. They manifest in stages and develop over time, just as you do.

The sooner you let your talents and personality be seen and overcome your internal barriers, the sooner you will learn if your current position is a good fit for you, or not.

Practice saying this daily "If it is to be it is up to me".

Job satisfaction is your responsibility. Make it happen!

For more career tips follow me on LinkedIn @Barbara Fulmer, explore this website and click here for more tips from my book, Ditch Your Career Plan,

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