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What do you do with underperformers?

If you are a supervisor, manager or above, you have likely dealt with this problem before.

But how do you identify a true underperformer?

If you Google underperformer, the multiple definitions you’ll find mostly refer to stock prices. Although, the common thread in all definitions, stock or no stock, is “having performance that is below average or below expectation”.

And there you are.

I was taken with the fact that the most frequently recommended definition of an underperformer had to repeat the word ‘below’ twice.

Below average. Below expectation.

I don’t believe any leader consciously recruits or hires below average employees for their team. But over time your new hire’s performance became below average and/or below expectation.

This checklist will help you recognize if you have underperformers who consistently:

§ Fail to complete tasks

§ Don’t comply with workplace procedures

§ Turn in work with multiple errors

§ Have a negative attitude toward others

§ Frequently gossip

§ Show up late for meetings

§ Often unavailable

§ Don’t contribute in meetings

§ Demonstrate behavior reflective of not caring about common goals

§ Are not hitting their numbers

§ Disrespect others

Recognize anyone on your team? If so, what can you do?

First, congratulations on acknowledging your underperformers unhealthy behavior. There are several steps you can take that begin with identifying why your employee has become below average. Hint: it’s not always their fault.

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