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Are You At a Tipping Point?

When we show up, just do enough, and then it's finally Friday, that's a career tipping point.

You may not be miserable but you're sure not happy. In my book, Ditch Your Career Plan, I introduce career archetypes to use as a compass to guide you through those moments in your career when you are not sure what to do next. The hard days don't have to win.

You will learn what each of these career archetypes WANT and as importantly, what they NEED. When you are at a tipping point you need to call in The Achiever archetype who WANTS to make an impact, but NEEDS to manage perfectionism.

The Achiever energy will help you assess the situation and ask yourself:

> Why am I still in this job?

> Can I make my experience better?

> Have I settled?

> Do I deserve better?

> Does this job serve me today?

> Do I need an exit plan?

> Where to I see myself in one, three and five years?

> What have I learned?

> What have I achieved since starting this job?

> When did I become a work zombie?

> What do I wish I were doing instead of this?

The Achiever will help guide you to better days or help you realize you have more to achieve where you are. The Achiever will also remind you that you don't have to have all the answers to move forward.

Trust yourself and the guidance of your six career archetypes, The Knower, The Seeker, The Voyager, The Achiever, The Sage and The Magician.

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