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You've Tried Everything

And you still can't find your place in the world of work!

You've completed assessments, taken tests, met with career coaches, and your friends and family just want you to be happy. Ugh!

Desperate times require desperate measures.

This is highly scientific and seldom fails. Ready?


That's it. That simple.

To what activities was your young self naturally drawn?

Example: I put on plays in the garage, in the hallway, and in the backyard. I stood on boxes in the front yard and delivered speeches to the neighbors. I taught the children in my hood where babies come from long before I knew.

The teacher and performer in me showed herself at a very young age. How did you play? What brought you the most joy?

Did you build, organize, draw, play ball, run, bake, love being in the kitchen, sing, entertain, have a lemonade stand where you sold, love numbers, solve problems, and on and on.

All of these convert to grownup career choices and satisfaction. My time preaching to neighbors evolved into a combination of leadership roles in corporate training, public speaking and standup comedy. All of these showed themselves when I was a child.

There's likely not a professional athlete that didn't spend their childhood in their chosen sport.

You be you and set your child's natural talents free.

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