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Are your mistakes just being human, or are you in the wrong job?

We've all been there...

- sent an email to the wrong person

- thought the meeting was an hour later

- missed an important deadline

- were overheard talking about the coworker you were talking about

- Realized you were not fully prepared

These are teachable moments, not the end of the world, or your job. And if it was the end of your job, it is still a teachable moment.

Life is too short to spend your time feeling bad about yourself.

Take the time to learn the lessons these experiences teach.

If you experienced one of these mistakes, you're human. If you are consistently doing all of these, you're disconnected from your work and in the wrong job.

You just haven't noticed the alien in your house yet.

Feeling bad about yourself get's you nowhere. It is time to move on. Now.

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